Roots Collaborative is part of the ARISE Network, currently as an ARISE Intervention Intern. The ARISE Comprehensive Care with Intervention introduces the addicted person and the family to a new life of recovery and healing. The individual does not need to hit bottom before getting help.  By reaching out to Roots Collaborative in your time of need, we will put together a service that meets your family’s unique circumastances.

Comprehensive Care with Intervention is:

  • A series of respectful, caring family meetings provided through a concierge service.
  • Focused on individual and collective, family healing and recovery
  • Specialized with adolescents, young adults, the elderly and all ages in between
  • Connections to resources within the larger recovery community for sustainable long term recovery
  • Proven by federal research to be the most successful model of intervention
  • Part of a national and international ARISE Network with interventionist who specialize to meet your family’s needs and budget


  • Case Management
  • Safe passage and transport
  • Coaching in or out of home
  • Sober Companionship