The process starts from the very first phone call  looking for help from our team. We pride ourselves in providing a high level of support and transparency throughout the healing process. As we continue to work with your family and your loved one who is struggling, we create a safe and respectful space for discussing the family dynamic and learning new methods for effective communication and growth.
We believes families need help healing from the unresolved losses and traumas from generations past, which many times are at the root of the person who is currently struggling with addiction . Our Family Circles serve to educate families about the disease of addiction, and mental illness and the different ways family members are affected and can begin to cope and recovery, too.

In regularly scheduled sessions facilitated by a Roots team member, families learn to:
  • Work through the turbulence you’ve experienced
  • Take responsibility for your own health and personal happiness
  • Set healthy boundaries and keep them
  • Rebuild relationships on the bedrock of trust
  • Co-create family rules for “engagement”
  • Learn to play and have fun as a family