Roots Collaborative gives individuals and families a safe, healthy and constructive environment to start their path to recovery today.  We provide ARISE Intervention which is invitational, research-based, and includes comprehensive care that promotes long-term recovery.  Roots is currently an ARISE Intervention Intern, thus ensuring your family will get the very best care.

We strongly encourage the entire family network, including close friends, to become intimately involved in the recovery process.  The best results are gleaned when each family member learns the facts about substance abuse, the struggle their loved one is currently experiencing, and begin to own how they may personally be impacted by the disease and the family’s history.  With this new awareness, each member can start to identify the personal support needed to play an active role in their own journey toward health.  Over time, the Roots team is constantly in awe of the miracles that come to fruition when a family commits to this restoration process.

In combination with ARISE, our team has a distinct methodology of delivering custom recovery services that helps individuals and families  harness their unique gifts to build sustainable futures.  By incorporating innovative ways to move forward, envision the future, and set goals accordingly, we see the whole person being nourished in harmony with one another.