Clay Engels has been engaged professionally for over a decade in helping individuals and families connect with the appropriate resources and trusted, proven specialists to receive the level of care needed.  With his professional coaching and CAI credentials, strengthened by 23 years of sobriety,  Clay can easily navigate the land-mines which inherently exist when dealing with substance abuse,  addiction, and mental health issues. He has assisted countless individuals and their families start their recovery journeys. Clay and can often be heard saying, “Sobriety is not an event, it’s a lifelong process full of a million baby-steps, the first and most vital one is asking for help.” READ MORE   

Julie Thorne Engels is a lifelong visionary, brand strategist and entrepreneur with a passion for employing creativity and empathy to initiate individual and family recovery from addiction and related issues. With over 30 years of recovery, Julie is able to draw on her extensive sober history in addition to pulling from her formal education experiences which include a BA from Columbia College, Group Facilitation Training from Hinsdale Hospital’s New Day Center, Improv Comedy Certification from Second City Training Center, Transformational Bodywork Certification from Pacific School of Massage, and Intervention and Family Comprehensive Care Certification from ARISE Network.  

With vast project management experience, Julie possesses the ability to command a room of hundreds or to facilitate an intimate family or team meeting. Although the circumstances may vary, the desired outcomes remain consistent: create a shared vision, build an action plan, agree to communication that’s free of “shame, blame, and guilt,” and then work together to achieve set goals. This methodology transforms families addled by substance abuse and not only initiates family systems healing, but allows each person to succeed personally, as well as thrive as an integral member of their family.  READ MORE   

booCourtney Engels, Clay and Julie’s daughter and an ARISE Intervention intern, rounds out the Roots Collaborative team, providing a unique perspective for adolescent and young adult clients and their families. Wise beyond her years at 21, Courtney has been in recovery for over five years and clean and sober for two. She’s held multiple positions managing sober living programs in Los Angeles, and currently serves as a program mentor at Casa Bella, a recovery program for women. There are very few “off-limit” topics, allowing Courtney, Clay and Julie to model what healthy family relationships can look like in recovery and the process by which they’re built. READ MORE

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