Roots Collaborative Recovery Coaching delivers customized recovery services for individuals who need support in addition to their treatment team. In developing each coaching program, we work closely with the client and their network to build a clear action plan, with milestones and deliverables upon which all parties agree. We work in concentrated blocks of time and continue to alter and/or offer additional resources matching the clients’ ever-changing needs.

Recovery Coaching services may include:

  • One-on-one coaching sessions
  • Drug testing/UA
  • Attending meetings virtual together
  • 12-step education
  • Life skills
  • Travel/vacation support
  • Family mediation
  • Having fun! Adventures!
  • Professional development
  • Dreaming big and action plan

For clients who are more stable in their recovery, the Roots team focuses on providing the tools, skills, and support necessary to help them bridge the gap between “dreaming” about their future and actually “living” their dream through goal-setting and action. Along the way and in the spirit of community and service, we invite mentors from different backgrounds and professional disciplines to come and meet with our clients as a means of encouragement, collaboration, and inspiration.

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